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August 1, 2022:Nuke Evacuation: A lesson in geopolitics
July 22, 2024:Secreet Service on the slippery slope
July 15, 2024:From Walden Pond to AI Battle
July 8, 2024:Lenin and the return of the Comintern
July 1, 2024:A satirical look at Special Classes
June 24, 2024:Inside Bidenís* failed agenda
June 17, 2024:Saving General Dermann
June 10, 2024:College teaching: Also not in the brochure
June 3, 2024:The Bet and the "Needed Nine."
May 27, 2024:The Bet: USA vs. Sweden
May 20, 2024:"This wasnít in the brochure."
May 13, 2024:No plan survives contact with reality."*
May 6, 2024:The Cowards of Headquarters
April 29, 2024:The Rise and Fall of Adventure Training
April 8, 2024:"Hold my Guinness! Thatís Gromyko!"
April 22, 2024:Skiing with Norwayís greatest World War II Hero
March 11, 2024:Gentleman Julius Boros
April 15, 2024:The strange tale of the Elivis Tux
April 1, 2024:General Chuck Yeager (1928-2020)*
March 18, 2024:Celebrity encouners: Read between the lines
March 4, 2024:Sorosus plots the destruction of Rome
February 26, 2024:The unforettable Pancho Segura, (1921-2017)
February 19, 2024:The Carlson-Putin Interview
April 8, 2024:"Hold my Ginness! That’s Gromyko."
February 12, 2024:Invasion and the Fall of the Great Empires
February 5, 2024:The Tomb of the Unknown Wolf
March 11, 2025:Gentleman Julius Boros
January 29, 2024:Beware: Snowflake Rebels Without a Cause
January 15, 2024:Little Miss Red Riding Hood Takes Charge
January 8, 2024:The Big Bad Wolf Reveals the Truth
January 1, 2024:The Return of the Big Bad Wolf
December 25, 2023:Teaching The Pursuit of Excellence
December 18, 2023:Hamas ignites the Bonfire of the Universities
November 30, 2023:Dr. Henry Kissinger remembered
December 11, 2023:Gun no longer shoot: Chuck him out, the brute
December 4, 2023:Chaos: The penultimate step to Revolution
November 20, 2023:When war comes, the first casualty is truth.*
November 9, 2023:Human reproduction: Is it doomed?
November 6, 2023:Stone-cold hatred: A fractured history
October 30, 2023:Fascism and the plucking of the American Eagle
October 23, 2023:Gaza: Some historical background
October 16, 2023:Clueless in Gaza: Obama/Biden* fed the Iran Snake
October 9, 2023:Cancel Culture vs. People of Faith
October 2, 2023:CAn America rise above the margin of fraud?
September 25, 2023:Todayís news: "It ainít necessarily so."
September 18, 2023:Beware the Ides of Crises
September 11, 2023:On every 9/11: Hat’s off to Hungary!
September 4, 2023:Totalitarianism: It has many names
August 28, 2023:Ukraine: Freedom floatillas to the rescue
August 21, 2023:On trial: Our judicial system
August 14, 2023:U.S. Armed Forces: Fit to fight? Or, fit to sit?
August 7, 2023:Hold the speaker-phone. Justice might prevail
July 31, 2023:Everyone talks about the weather but...
July 24, 2023:Defeating Putin: The indirect approach
July 17, 2023:MAGA: A different perspective
July 10, 2023:Rememberd: The Army that was
July 3, 2023:GIs: Quit yer bitchin’ or face charges!
June 26, 2023:Alex Berenson: Tribune of Truth
June 19, 2023:Caution: Do not rush to judgement!
June 12, 2023:Of Big Ben, goat herders, and hope
June 5, 2023:Human evolution: Relentlessly, on target
May 29, 2023:Journalism: Bring back the old-time Muckrakers
May 22, 2023:The ongoing Californication of America
May 15, 2023:Interesting affairs; Then, and now
May 8, 2023:Ukraine and the "war-time" president
May 1, 2023:Circa: 2050: The Late, Great USA
April 24, 2023:Esterhazyís treason: The rest of the story
April 17, 2023:Amercia today: Waiting for Zola
April 10, 2023:Times of trouble: The March of Farce
April 3, 2023:Vietnam remembered: 50 years later
March 27, 2023:A Brave New Post-Putin World
March 20, 2023:Ukraine and the Strategy of the Indirect Approach
March 13, 2023:Russia vs. Ukraine: Why and How the war might end
November 27, 2023:First Lady Rosalynn Carter, rest in peace..
February 27, 2023:Of Green Shoots of Hope and Yellow Submarines
February 20, 2023:Some of History’s needless blunders
February 13, 2023:Wanted: A few good statesmen/women
February 6, 2023:Get Woke. Go Broke?
January 30, 2023:Technology: Can we bridge the values gap?
January 23, 2023:Can America emerge from its current Dark Age?
January 16, 2023:The American Tribe: Lost, strayed, or stolen?
January 9, 2023:Searching for reasons for war among the rubble
January 2, 2023:The late, great Downtown Denver
December 26, 2022:Count you blessings. Name them one by one
December 19, 2022:Ballot harvesting: How democracies perish
December 12, 2022:Ukraine: Winter advantages and perils
December 5, 2022:Psychology: The invasion stopper
November 28, 2022:Some voting history: Hit or Myth?
November 21, 2022:Mid-terms and the American "Recessional."
November 14, 2022:America: Battered, but looking up
November 7, 2022:November: A new birth of freedom?
October 31, 2022:Our Battered Bill of Rights
October 24, 2022:Why the Army cannot meet its recruiting goals
October 17, 2022:The U.S. and France: A Tale of Two Deep States
October 10, 2022:Putin: Crazy like a Fox?
October 3, 2022:Changing History: Messages altered and delayed
September 26, 2022:Capitalism-Liberalism vs. Socialism: Your choice
September 19, 2022:Water, water: But not everywhere
September 12, 2022:The FBI in Peace and Politics
September 5, 2022:Denmark: Secret Smorgasbord at Midnight
August 29, 2022:From Holland with shove
August 22, 2022:Surreptitous entry: Our big adventure
August 15, 2022:Winging it: The Sermon on the Steps
August 8, 2022:Catch 22: Confidential supplies
July 11, 2022:Lesson: Spook duped by Troops
July 18, 2022:Spook tour: How it all began
July 4, 2022:Convoy us this day our daily bread
June 27, 2022:Letís hear it for a National Pothole Day!
June 20, 2022:The Scofflaw Mentality: From England with Love
July 18, 2022:Sub-prime mortgages and federal student loans
July 11, 2022:The priceless, Mr. Price
June 13, 2022:Of Murder, Conspiracy, and Congress...
June 6, 2022:Ukraine: The grim reality of Realpolitik
May 30, 2022:Nixon, Trump, and the ungovernable government
May 23, 2022:Russia: Sacked by Big Mac
May 16, 2022:Did Americans really vote for these?
May 9, 2022:Blabbergate: A major institution springs a leak
May 2, 2022:Free speech vs. social media’s Augean stable
April 25, 2022:To Tweet freely or censored? That is the question
April 18, 2022:Putinís Catch 22: War, Oil, and Caviar
April 11, 2022:Putin and Obama: Studies in Megalomania
April 4, 2022:Negotiations: The murky waters ahead
March 28, 2022:Truth emerges during the Ides of March
March 21, 2022:Ukraine vs. Russia: Negotiations 101
March 21, 2022:Vlad, the Impaler: Look East, not West!
March 14, 2022:Vladimir? Who would name a baby, Vladimir?
March 7, 2022:Putin: Ask not for whom the bell tolls
February 28, 2022:Attack Ukraine: Split NATO?
February 21, 2022:RussiaGate Plus Bidenís* Wag the Dog.
February 14, 2022:Collective Security: a checkered record
February 7, 2022:Putinís dream: A Russian Full House?
January 31, 2022:Ukraine: Bidenís* no-win public negotiation
January 24, 2022:Feudalism: Bureaucracy 101
January 17, 2022:Suppy chain blocked? Blame the Caliban
January 10, 2022:An imaginary meeting of the CCP
January 3, 2022:To kill a nation
December 27, 2021:Save America: Senator Manchin to the rescue
December 20, 2021:Avoiding war: Clarity counts
December 13, 2021:Middle ground: A War Against Global Crapping
December 6, 2021:Laws: Who makes them and why?
November 29, 2021:Putinís Speech: Plain English Explanation
November 22, 2021:Putin attacks U.S. Left & Soviet Bolshevism
November 15, 2021:Explained: The Biden Regency* Strategy
November 8, 2021:The Capitol Riot: A False Flag operation?
November 1, 2021:Bidenís* "Wealth Tax Plan"
October 25, 2021:On Ingnorance, Apathy, Confusion, Fear & Greed
October 18, 2021:Taiwan: What if the Chicoms invade?
October 4, 2021:Pogo: We have met the enemy and he is us."
October 11, 2021:Chicken versus Egg: Which is in control?
September 27, 2021:Do we really need todayís highly political CIA?
September 20, 2021:General Milley: Over the edge and under the bus
September 13, 2021:Tragic History: From Bay of Pigs to Dumbkirk
September 6, 2021:A tale of two cities: Kabul and Berlin
August 30, 2021:Bidenís* deadly American Dumbkirk
August 23, 2021:From Kenya to Kabul: Who is to blame?
August 16, 2021:USA: Fundamentally FUBARed*
August 9, 2021:The real news behind the fake news
August 2, 2021:Lord, Lord, how this world is given to lying.*
July 26, 2021:Why General Milley should resign
July 19, 2021:The State of The (Dis) Union
July 12, 2021:The March of Folly marches on
July 5, 2021:Human survival: A brief history
June 28, 2021:Dong Jinwei: Too hot to handle?
June 21, 2021:On reflection: "mean tweets" not so bad?
June 14, 2021:Socialism: Mere denunciation is the verdict
June 7, 2021:The Wuhan Virus Occupation of Amerika
May 31, 2021:Unsung heroines: Military wives
May 24, 2021:Question: To be masked or not to be masked?
May 17, 2021:Repeating history: Happening now!
May 10, 2021:Wanted: A few good Smiths
May 3, 2021:Lessons learned: The first 100 days
April 26, 2021:Vietnam remembered: A Stillness on April 30th
April 19, 2021:Military: Future force or future farce?
April 12, 2021:Wanted: More Orwell, less Dr. Spock
April 5, 2021:Abraham Lincoln: A house divided...
March 29, 2021:Of guns, guts, and glory: Why culture counts
March 22, 2021:Renaissance: Committees of Correspondence
March 15, 2021:Restoring Democracy: General Srike the answer?
March 8, 2021:Revolutions: Historical perspective
March 1, 2021:Texas: The Failure of Wind and Solar
February 22, 2021:2020 election: "Fortified," not stolen
February 15, 2021:President Trump: The Jerusalem decision
February 8, 2020:Revolutions and Counter Revolutions: deja Vu
February 1, 2021:Of pillows and spice and some things not so nice
January 25, 2021:American Recessional: Lest we forget
January 18, 2021:Ministry of Truth: Now, under private managment
January 11, 2021:Government: What happens when Trust is lost?
January 4, 2021:Capital confusion: The fog of [political] war
December 28, 2020:Americaís Judiciary: Lost, strayed or stolen?
December 21, 2020:January 6, 2021: Democracyís last stand
December 14, 2020:Examined: The roots of the Socialist impulse
December 7, 2020:Election Crime of the Century: Still unresolved
November 30, 2020:"Accepting an unjust system means you agree.
November 23, 2020:Presidential election: More questions than answers
November 16, 2020:Election 2020: Long way from over
November 9, 2020:In progress: The Crime of the Century
November 2, 2020:Death and Elections: Both have consequences
October 26, 2020:Difficult days: "Make the World Go Away"
October 19, 2020:Election 2020: A Time to Choose
October 12, 2020:The TIP: An outright fraud
October 5, 2020:Election 2020: Elder votes in peril
September 28, 2020:Election 2020: Supreme Court takes center stage
September 21, 2020:Nothing to see here. Itís just Marxism
September 14, 2020:Political turmoil: It is nothing new
September 7, 2020:Election 2020: Dancing into Chaos?
August 31, 2020:History and the Chinese Virus: Dark Chapters
August 24, 2020:Mail-in ballots: The risks of voter fraud
August 17, 2020:2020: The year of Malevolent Forces
August 10, 2020:Do debates matter?
July 20, 2020:Roger Stone: Justice denied
July 27, 2020:Rejected: The Battle Hymn of the Republic
July 13, 2020:Explained: Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)
July 6, 2020:Vietnam War: Americaís great dividing scar
June 29, 2020:Shakespeare asked: Whatís in a name?
June 22, 2020:Civil-Miltary Relations: The Chain of Command
June 15, 2020:Civil-military tension: Some historical insights
June 8, 2020:Biased media: Pickled in place?
June 1, 2020:Mail-in ballots: What are the facts?
May 25, 2020:Explained: The war against Hydroxychloraquine
May 18, 2020:Spygate: The coup that failed
May 11, 2020:Coronavirus: The Law of Unintended Consequences
May 4, 2020:Oxygen: To have or have not
April 27, 2020:Dr. Fauciís Brave New World
April 20, 2020:Coronavirus: Lung disease or blood disorder?
April 13, 2020:Response to Coronavirus: Is this our finest hour?
April 6, 2020:Hot, soapy water: Can it fix a broken system?
March 30, 2020:Slowing the virus: Some steps we could take
March 23, 2020:Great leaders: Unlikely starts
March 30, 2020:Slow the virus: Some steps we can take
March 16, 2020:Tough times require tough leaders
March 9, 2020:Down came the order: Shelter in place!
March 2, 2020:Coronavirus: God works in mysterious ways
February 24, 2020:Flynn and Stone: The Dreyfus deja vu?
February 17, 2020:Democrat nomination: Tea leaves and smoke signals
February 10, 2020:Want to get ahead? Learn a foreign language.
February 3, 2020:Good journalism: The Jim Lehrer Standards
January 27, 2020:Iran: The case for regime change
January 20, 2020:The Senate trial: What we need to know
January 13, 2020:The Forty Yearsí War: Is it over?
January 6, 2020:Gun control: Democracy dies in censorship
December 30, 2019:The year 2020: Looking ahead
December 23, 2019:Celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas
December 16, 2019:The Strange Case of Citizen Carter Page
December 9, 2019:Democrats: Living lives of insane desperation
December 2, 2019:Rough men versus soft lawyers
November 25, 2019:Metaphysics: The faux impeachment inquiry
November 18, 2019:Whatever happened to Semper Fidelis?
November 11, 2019:Propaganda: Should the CIA bomb the USA?
November 4, 2019:The Ukraine Treaty: Is enforcement impeachable?
October 28, 2019:Discord and open borders: Will the U.S. survive?
October 21, 2019:UkraineGate: Who ya gonna believe?
October 14, 2019:Erdogan and the troublesome Turks
October 7, 2019:Sedition? Coup díetat? Take your pick
September 30, 2019:UkraineGate and the demise of quid pro Joe
September 23, 2019:Caveat Emptor: Let the (online searcher) beware!
September 16, 2019:Malaria: Mosquitoes are not solely to blame
September 9, 2019:Do new data dictate a need to change course?
September 2, 2019:Mass Murders: Gun Control or People Control?
August 26, 2019:Election 2020: A Strategy Session
August 19, 2019:Civil War? Thinking about the unthinkable
August 12, 2019:Insanity: Repeating steps that do not work
August 5, 2019:Something is rotten in Baltimore, not Denmark
July 29, 2019:Back story: Oil politics and the Collusion Plot
July 22, 2019:The Mod Squad: A Tale of Two Islands
July 15, 2019:Jeffrey Epstein: Mover, shaker, earthquake maker?
July 8, 2019:The Census: From Tullius to Trump
July 1, 2019:Iran and the lessons of Vietnam
June 24, 2019:Cui Bono? The Central American money trail
June 17, 2019:In-home deliveries: Actually, not new
June 10, 2019:If someone obstructed justice, then who?
June 3, 2019:Hanoi Summit: A Tale of Two Delegations
May 27, 2019:Marching for Dr. King: A civil rights memoir
May 20, 2019:Single Payer: What does that mean?
May 13, 2019:WANTED: A "magic wand"
May 6, 2019:Liberty and Equality: Ideals in conflict
April 29, 2019:America as Gulliver: Assessing the threat
April 22, 2019:Border crisis: A call for help
April 15, 2019:Anti-Semitism: A Dachau memoir
April 8, 2019:Charles Dickensí Mr. Pecksniff lives again!
April 1, 2019:Need a new worry? Try Chicomís BRI
March 25, 2019:The non-deployables: Is there a fix?
March 18, 2019:Socialism: Can we learn from Orwell and Huxley?
March 11, 2019:The Soylent Green New Deal
March 4, 2019:The Art of Dealing with Dictators
February 25, 2019:World War II: Was "V" our secret weapon?
February 18, 2019:Walls: Then, and now
February 11, 2019:Rejected: signora Giocondoís picture
February 4, 2019:Border security: What should be done
January 28, 2019:Remembered: The Cuckoo CODELs
January 21, 2019:NATO to TACO: Saving Latin America
January 14, 2019:Border security: A time for deciding
January 7, 2019:Hollywood Rejects Wonderland-Orwellian Thriller
December 31, 2018:Border security: Using the Nine Principles of War
December 26, 2018:Syria and Afghanistan: Time to come home
December 17, 2018:Wanted: Pit Bull or French Poodle?
December 10, 2018:George H.W. Bush: Patrician Prince
December 3, 2018:Southern Invasion: Migrant or Microbe?
November 26, 2018:Politics today: the Algorians vs. the Vulgarians
November 19, 2018:Of Wars and Forest Fires
November 12, 2018:Mid-term history: Split happens
November 5, 2018:The "Brave New World" of designer genes
October 29, 2018:Four invading columns: Two more already here?
October 22, 2018:Can we make Vespuccia great again?
October 15, 2018:DeTocquevilleís America: Does it still exist?
October 8, 2018:Stay calm using "jazz hands?"
October 1, 2018:Christine Blasey Ford: Tempest in a teapot?
September 24, 2018:Spygate: Sedition, coup d’etat or what?
September 17, 2018:Immigration, Distribution, and Rationalization
September 10, 2018:Deep State prevention: Greeks had a word for it
September 3, 2018:The Socialism Simulator App
August 27, 2018:Need-to-know: Only reason for a security clearance
August 20, 2018:Socialism: Theory vs. Practice
August 13, 2018:Satire warning: Is this the last straw?
August 6, 2018:September: "Please do not come so soon."
July 30, 2018:The Socialist impulse: Could it work here?
July 23, 2018:Ends vs.Means: The Crux of Creeping Corruption
July 16, 2018:NATO: Can the Grand Alliance rise again?
July 9, 2018:STRs: The invasion of the property snatchers
July 2, 2018:U.S. Citizen wants to become an Illegal Alien
June 25, 2018:Fake news: Wag the public
June 18, 2018:Singapore Summit: Winners and losers
June 11, 2018:Update: FAA skin-color discrimination
June 4, 2018:Admiral Rogersí Nefarious Neighborhood
May 28, 2018:Compared: Nixon/Watergate vs. Obama/Spygate
May 21, 2018:The ghosts of cover-ups past
May 14, 2018:Class action: Justice for the friendly skies?
May 7, 2018:The Prince and the Pauper
April 30, 2018:Language learning: You need not be a spook
April 23, 2018:METO: Could it stabilize the Middle East?
April 16, 2018:The Second American Civil War Continues...
April 9, 2018:King Charles I and the 2d Amendment
April 2, 2018:School safety: Adapting lessons from the past
March 26, 2018:American Civil War II (2016 - )
March 19, 2018:USA: Banana or Constitutional Republic?
March 12, 2018:Travels with Charley Thone
March 5, 2018:School shootings: Talk is cheaper than action
February 26, 2018:FISA-gate: The emerging storm
February 19, 2018:School Shootings: Three steps to curb them
February 12, 2018:The Choice: 1st World or 3rd World?
February 5, 2018:How to become a DOJ informant
January 29, 2018:Boris! Natasha! Get Trump and Pence!
January 22, 2018:Immigration: Should the NFL draft be our model?
January 15, 2018:Political boundaries, campaigns, and Big MJ
January 8, 2018:Float like butterfly, sting like bee
January 1, 2018:Cassandra cries, "Me, too!"
December 25, 2017:The year 2017: The view from Sheepdog Hill
December 18, 2017:A Christmas story
December 11, 2017:Next year in Jerusalem!
December 4, 2017:Appointments: The President offers a deal
November 27, 2017:Explained: Rocky relations between men and women
November 20, 2017:Is a war on Western Civilization justified?
November 6, 2017:Can we learn from the ancient Greeks?
November 13, 2017:The President Turns Politically Correct
October 30, 2017:College/NFL football: At terminal Mass?
October 23, 2017:Where have all the standards gone?
October 16, 2017:Oliver Cromwell: Briefly, Britain was great again
October 9, 2017:Contracts: Useful tools in a troubled society
October 2, 2017:NFL:Requiescat in Pace?
September 25, 2017:Can a former President be impeached?
September 18, 2017:Time for the Humanitarian Blockade?
September 11, 2017:An Open Letter to the Chinese Leader
September 4, 2017:Time for a modern-day bonfire of the vanities?
August 28, 2017:Active Measures, Leaks, and Treason
August 21, 2017:Study hard; keep on dancing until it rains
August 14, 2017:The Phuoc Vinh Flying Club
August 7, 2017:The Misadventures of USARELMNAVWARCOL
July 31, 2017:ObamaCare: The lovable Shmoo
July 24, 2017:The Nightmare of the Living Algorithms
July 17, 2017:Voter fraud: Investigate, or not?
July 10, 2017:An Open Letter to Kim Jong-un
July 3, 2017:The challenge of fake news
June 26, 2017:Murdered sleep: Is Macbeth to blame?
June 19, 2017:James B. Comey: Horned by a dilemma
June 12, 2017:The Paris Accord: Much ado about what?
June 5, 2017:President Trump: The Art of the Westphalian Deal
May 29, 2017:NYT Attacks Coloradoís Neil Gorsuch
May 22, 2017:Open Letter to the 45th President
May 15, 2017:Columbus: Historyís man of mystery
May 8, 2017:Glass-Steagall: Can it rise from the dead?
May 1, 2017:Meet America’s new Surgeon General
April 24, 2017:Urban corruption: Apportioning the blame
April 17, 2017:Precedent: Wire tapping in high places
April 10, 2017:President Trump and the Hegelian Dialectic
April 3, 2017:Unnamed sources versus unnamed leakers
March 27, 2017:Electronic surveillance: I spy. You spy.
March 20, 2017:Unusable insurance: The ObamaCare illusion
March 13, 2017:Electronic surveillance: The bear pokes back
March 6, 2017:Health insurance: a 427-day countdown?
February 27, 2017:Thought control and the MSM
February 20, 2017:Winning: Can the new regime get us back on track?
February 13, 2017:Fake news, cyber warfare, and data security
February 6, 2017:Election 2016: the Trojan Horse
January 30, 2017:Promises promised vs. promises kept
January 23, 2017:E Pluribus Unum? Still not there
January 16, 2017:Death of journalism: Murder or suicide?
January 9, 2017:Obama Legacy: Fake news on steroids?
January 2, 2017:Hacking, Phishing, and Fake News
December 26, 2016:Do all lives matter?
December 19, 2016:A Bob Hope Vietnam Christmas Remembered
December 12, 2016:Rose Garden: I never promised you a pardon
December 5, 2016:The Drone as "deus ex machina"
November 28, 2016:Supreme Court: What difference does it make?
November 21, 2016:Election 2016: Reseating the wagon?
November 14, 2016:Breaking News: Canada may build wall
November 6, 2016:Veterans Day Memories
October 31, 2016:November 8th: Revolt or more of the same?
October 24, 2016:City votes vs. Rural Votes
October 17, 2016:The Plimsoll Line of Disaster
October 10, 2016:Civic duty: Rising above the muck
October 3, 2016:Election 2016: Don’t be myth-guided
September 26, 2016:Brit Hume is back
September 19, 2016:Marijuana: How Big MJ threatens national defense
September 12, 2016:Classified Documents: FBI Training
September 5, 2016:♫South of the Filters, down Mexico way♫
August 22, 2016:Dental flossing: To rot, or not
August 15, 2016:The FAA: Reverse discrimination
August 8, 2016:Donald and Hillary: Hereís some free advice
August 1, 2016:Turkey: Are our nuclear weapons at risk?
July 25, 2016:Bin Laden: Could he have been stopped?
July 18, 2016:Turkey: A faux coup or what?
July 11, 2016:Rough men: Their twilightís last gleaming
July 4, 2016:The only thing we have to fear is Hoplophobia
June 27, 2016:Instant insomnia: Libertyís Last Stand
June 20, 2016:Gun-free zones: More harm than help
June 13, 2016:Screenwriters: Would you pitch these stories?
June 6, 2016:Rejection: The fear of every writer
May 30, 2016:Mosquitoes: Humankindís deadliest enemy
May 23, 2016:Orwellian: Is your computer acting strangely?
May 16, 2016:The world: Not going to go away
May 9, 2016:Campaign 2016: Fasten your seatbelts!
May 2, 2016:The Tibetan Sheepdog, or not?
April 25, 2016:Candidates: Can they gentle their condition?
April 18, 2016:Colorado voting: The untold story
April 11, 2016:Words Matter
April 4, 2016:National political conventions: Who attends?
March 28, 2016:Rebellion: Blowing in the sagebrush?
March 21, 2016:Surrender at sea: Why?
March 14, 2016:How President Rickles came to power. Or, not?
March 7, 2016:The Electoral College shapes the battlefield
February 29, 2016:ObamaCare: A deep insider’s perspective
February 22, 2016:Modern motto: Donít mess up the agreement!
February 15, 2016:Sherlock Holmes: The New Hampshire debate
February 8, 2016:Socialism: The Parable of the Lemonade Stand
February 1, 2016:The USA: Have we lost our marbles?
January 25, 2016:Hillaryís "home-brew" server: Why fuss?
January 18, 2016:Iranian coup: A tale of two U.S. Navy vessels
December 11, 2016:Frederick Forsyth: The real James Bond?
January 4, 2016:President Wilson: The peace to end all peace
December 28, 2015:The Ghosts of Christmas Future
December 21, 2015:Dreaming of a [Westphalian] Christmas
December 14, 2015:Islamic jihad: Constitution vs. Koran
December 7, 2015:Guiliani: Itís the Islamic jihadists, moron!
November 30, 2015:World at peril: Letís talk Turkey
November 23, 2015:Altruism and the reason-free environmentalists
November 16, 2015:Wanted: A competent Commander-in-Chief
November 9, 2015:Salute The Centurions, past and present
November 1, 2015:Monkeys and MJ: The reproduction connection
October 26, 2015:Benghazi: What would Sherlock Holmes deduce?
October 19, 2015:Corralling the colossal costs of college
October 12, 2015:Politically, are we the news we consume?
October 5, 2015:Logic 101: Ratio and proportion
September 28, 2015:Advice and Consent: A tale of four nominations
September 21, 2015:The Oval Office: On my first day...
September 14, 2015:Black Sea Matters
September 7, 2015:Ukraine, Istanbul: The lost lessons of World War I
August 31, 2015:Iran sweeps table: How will chips be played?
August 24, 2015:Immigration policy: By consent or geography?
August 17, 2015:Hackerís delight: "Private" servers
August 10, 2015:The GOP debate: Madison versus Wilson
August 3, 2015:Hill’s server: What difference does it make?
July 27, 2015:Time to end "gun-free" zones?
July 20, 2015:The Iran Deal: The Boa Constrictor won
July 13, 2015:Marbury v. Madison: A ruling too far?
July 6, 2015:Look homeward, Emily
June 29, 2015:The War on Symbols
June 22, 2015:Captain Segura: Torturables vs. UnTorturables
June 15, 2015:FAA hiring: Flying the diversity-friendly skies
June 8, 2015:2016: The Hail Mary election?
June 1, 2015:Grand strategy: China opts for the blue waters
May 25, 2015:Todayís America and the Allegory of the Cave
May 18, 2015:Computer jihad: Ready, aim, and blast away!
May 11, 2015:Presidents and the late, not-so-great Congress
May 4, 2015:Urban violence: Poverty and politics
April 27, 2015:ObamaCare: Where is it now?
April 20, 2015:EMP attack: What are the after-effects?
April 13, 2015:Life in the Peopleís Republik of Amerika
April 6, 2015:Iran’s honking, dancing nuclear deal
March 30, 2015:The Bergdahl Affair: How will it end?
March 23, 2015:Metrics and America
March 16, 2015:Team Obama: Stiffing Congress, helping Iran
March 9, 2015:Netanyahu: Soldier, scholar, diplomat, leader
March 2, 2015:Proxy War: The President and the Prime Minister
February 23, 2015:Arnaud de Borchgrave: 1926-2015
February 16, 2015:Stonewalled: How the nightly news is managed
February 9, 2015:Fudging the Facts: Truth or Consequences
February 2, 2015:Islamic Imperialism: A rose by any other name?
January 26, 2015:NFL: Change the rules!
January 19, 2015:A tale of three soldiers: Gant, Petraeus, Bergdahl
January 12, 2015:Denial: An invitation to vigilante justice
January 5, 2015:Common Core: Dumb and dumber
December 29, 2014:Benghazi: An act of war?
December 22, 2014:Vietnam: Christmas long ago and far away
December 15, 2014:National security: Political pandering
December 8, 2014:The 2014 Pheme (fay-may) Awards
December 1, 2014:Snipers: Historyís often unsung heroes
December 1, 2014:Is it time for a Convention of the States?
November 17, 2014:Red China and Iran: Negotiations 101
November 10, 2014:Open borders, Obamnesty, and voter fraud
October 27, 2014:Iran: Letís make a deal?
October 20, 2014:Ebola and Bergdahl: Election politics?
October 13, 2014:Ebola: Will government protect us?
October 6, 2014:Defense: Fire U.S. citizens, replace with illegals
September 29, 2014:War weary or just world weary?
September 22, 2014:President Obama: Just wild about Harry
September 15, 2014:Why ISIS Has Little to Fear
September 8, 2014:First news: The rush to faulty judgment
September 1, 2014:A Strategy that dare not speak its name
August 25, 2014:Immigration Made Simple
August 18, 2014:Valerie Jarrett: The woman who stays for dinner
August 11, 2014:Hamas vs. Israel Made Simple
August 4, 2014:Immigration and Geo-politics: Fraught with dangers
July 28, 2014:Elections: Better than impeachment
July 21, 2014:Immigraton: Thinking outside-the-box
July 14, 2014:The Sources of Obamaian Conduct
July 7, 2014:The facts about Hobby Lobby
June 30, 2014:Foreign policy: Be careful what you ask for
June 23, 2014:Amnesty politics: Putting children at risk
June 16, 2014:Iraq & illegal immigrants: Sucking sounds
June 9, 2014:The Taliban Tales: Stranger than fiction
June 2, 2014:Obama Celebrates Deserter Pride
May 26, 2014:The VA: We have seen the future
May 19, 2014:Behnghazi and the House Select Committee
May 12, 2014:Atheism and Climatism: Founded on faith
May 5, 2014:In Benghaziís Fields
April 28, 2014:Save the Desert Tortoise: Kill the grasshoppers
April 21, 2014:The stand-off: Red China in Nevada?
April 14, 2014:Election 2016: Saints, Sinners, and Savables
April 7, 2014:Benghazi: The cover-up begins to unravel
March 31, 2014:Two different cultures: Soldiers and diplomats
March 24, 2014:History 101: Donít cry for me, Crimea
March 17, 2014:Oy vey: ObamaCare, Crimea & Cat fights
March 10, 2014:Warm-water port: Checkmate. Game over
March 3, 2014:Current events: "Ten Steps" to ruin?
February 24, 2014:Ministry of Truth: Schmok & Meerhers employed
February 17, 2014:Foreign affairs: Quest for legacy
February 10, 2014:Politics: Cover-up 101?
February 3, 2014:Foreign affairs: Through the looking glass
January 27, 2014:Constitutional Crisis: Which way the Military?
January 20, 2014:America: Drifting apart
January 13, 2014:1914 to 2014: 100 years of drifting into conflicts
January 6, 2014:Looking ahead: 2014
December 30, 2013:Religious symbols: Twas the night after Christmas
December 23, 2013:Vietnam: A Bob Hope Christmas remembered
December 16, 2013:Health insurance and the Faustian Bargain
December 9, 2013:ObamaScare: Busting the brass
December 2, 2013:Geneva: Diplomacy for Dummies
November 25, 2013:Polling data: The Bradley Effect
November 18, 2013:Winter Olympics: Letís talk Turkey
November 11, 2013:The Affordable Boat Act
November 4, 2013:ObamaCare: Train wreck or planned derailment?
October 28, 2013:ObamaCare: Unforeseen consequences
October 21, 2013:ObamaCare vs. the "Man of La Mancha"
October 21, 2013:ObamaCare vs. the "Man of La Mancha"
October 14, 2013:Russia and Israel: The fiddlers in the Med.
October 7, 2013:Colonel Bill Lacey: Our loss, Heavenís gain
September 30, 2013:ObamaCare Bowl: GOP punts on third down
September 23, 2013:ObamaCare: Will "fairness" rule the day?
September 16, 2013:Syria: Cat and mouse with poison gas
September 9, 2013:Are your ready for some Fantasy Politics?
September 2, 2013:Security breach: Some budgets tell all
August 26, 2013:Something doesnít love a power vacuum
August 19, 2013:Grounding the best: Penny wise, pound foolish
August 12, 2013:Washingto versus USA: Itís them versus us
August 5, 2013:ObamaCare: The GOPís moral dilemma
July 29, 2013:Benghazi update: You can make a difference
July 22, 2013:Racism and the perils of prediction
July 15, 2013:Vital interests: Applying the tests
July 8, 2013:Spilling secrets: Heroes or traitors?
July 1, 2013:Global warming: Let it stay in Las Vegas
June 24, 2013:World View: Everyone has one
June 17, 2013:Tim Tebow exposed: The hidden stats
June 10, 2013:Mind your grammar: Big Bro is listening
June 3, 2013:U.S. policy: Make the world go away
May 27, 2013:Benghazi: A matter of honor
May 20, 2013:Too many scandals, too little space
May 13, 2013:Sheep-dipping: The unintended consequences
May 6, 2013:Benghazi: The new Watergate?
April 29, 2013:Al Neuharth, USA Today founder: Rest in peace
April 22, 2013:A Tale of Two Cities: Boston and Texas
April 15, 2013:Denis Thatcher and the grocer’s daughter
April 8, 2013:Killer skies: Do we need armed-drone control?
April 1, 2013:Control towers: Sequestration strikes
March 25, 2013:Cancelled air shows: Penny-wise, pound foolish
March 18, 2013:USA: The last salute?
March 11, 2013:Gun control: A different form of insanity
March 4, 2013:Stolen Valor: The Mickey Mouse Medal
February 25, 2013:Coming soon: The ObamaDrones
February 18, 2013:Benghazi: What difference does it make?
February 11, 2013:Benghazi: An imaginary hearing
February 4, 2013:Gun control: Katie, bar the door!
January 28, 2013:Benghazi: Wag the red herrings
January 21, 2013:Profiling: One path toward prevention
January 14, 2013:Weapons control: Ye Olde Historie, Parte II
January 7, 2013:Weapons control: Ye Olde Historie
December 31, 2012:Cliff jumping: AKA Tombstoning
December 24, 2012:Kindermord: We can prevent it!
December 17, 2012:Annual conflict: Atheists vs. Believers
December 10, 2012:Benghazi and other matters
December 3, 2012:Of Guns and Navies: Treaties 101
November 26, 2012:Iran and Hamas: Media winning by losing?
November 19, 2012:Benghazi: The regime discredits and distracts
November 12, 2012:Election 2012: Where’s my free stuff?
November 5, 2012:Benghazi-gate: The truth will come out
October 29, 2012:September Surprise: Benghazi-gate
October 22, 2012:Yes, Virginia. Your vote does count
October 15, 2012:The November surprise: A movie?
October 8, 2012:Mainstream Media: Still in bed with Mr. Obama
October 1, 2012:Election 2012: "Bumps in the road."
September 24, 2012:Big government: Who gets the cookies?
September 17, 2012:Reelection bail-out: You gotta love Lucy
September 10, 2012:Election 2012: Medicare versus ObamaCare
September 3, 2012:Mr. Obama: Forces that mold us
August 27, 2012:Headline: Martian Flees Small Planet
August 20, 2012:Washington: The Ministry of Funny Forms
August 13, 2012:Update: The Fox family
August 6, 2012:Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Banished Bust
July 30, 2012:From London to Hollywood: Fantasy gone too far?
July 23, 2012:When the Joker comes: Who you gonna call?
July 16, 2012:Internet ironies: Truth stranger than fiction
July 9, 2012:The Supremes: ObamaCare is ObamaTax!
July 2, 2012:Fox watch: A lesson for us all
June 25, 2012:Economics: Whatís in a language?
June 18, 2012:Reelection 2012: Things to do
June 11, 2012:American Work Ethic: Not dead yet
June 4, 2012:Happy days are here again: Not!
May 28, 2012:TSA rules: Comply like a terrorist
May 21, 2012:Strange bedfellows: In righteous agreement
May 14, 2012:Gay marriage: An embrace too soon?
May 7, 2012:Wile E. Coyote: A summer of Looney Tunes?
April 30, 2012:Mass punishment: Reinvented
April 23, 2012:Hookergate: Blame Bush
April 16, 2012:The desperate housewives of: The swing states
April 9, 2012:Uncle Nanny: Law of Unintended Consequences
April 2, 2012:Creating wildfires: We are a major cause
March 26, 2012:A Tale of Two Traumas
March 19, 2012:White House power: Beware the Ides of March
March 12, 2012:Gas pricing: The reality
March 5, 2012:Nuclear weapons: The reality
February 27, 2012:Government gun point: The Chevy Volt
February 20, 2012:Economics 101: The consumer always pays
February 13, 2012:Syria: What will we find?
February 6, 2012:Iran: Bomb now or bomb later?
January 30, 2012:Obama World: The 4th option
January 23, 2012:Memo to Mullahs: Close the Strait of Hormuz
January 16, 2012:Salvation: Many paths or just one?
January 9, 2012:October, 2012: Prepare for a surprise
January 2, 2012:America: How some others see us
December 26, 2011:Will America survive the 21st Century?
December 19, 2011:The 4th dimension: Faith-based football
December 12, 2011:Letís hear it for the warrior spirit!
December 5, 2011:Christmas/Hanukkah Mail for Heroes: Act now!
November 28, 2011:Peace: What was it like?
November 21, 2011:The murder of JFK: What really happened?
November 14, 2011:Communications: Lessons learned
November 7, 2011:Fate: Geography or demography?
October 31, 2011:College, Iraq, and Afghanistan: Who pays?
October 24, 2011:Mr. Obama: 1000 days and counting
October 17, 2011:Occupy Wall Street: You have the wrong address
October 10, 2011:Conspiracy: Seeking reason in the midst of chaos
October 3, 2011:Last week in review: Updates
September 26, 2011:Elections: Who really decides?
September 19, 2011:Dumb and Dumber: Raising taxes and other matters
September 12, 2011:9/11: Looking back, looking forward
September 5, 2011:The Lacey Act: Could Mrs. Obama be in trouble?
August 29, 2011:Libya: Cutting through the fog of war
August 22, 2011:Military retirement: 83-percent never make it
August 15, 2011:Wanted: Leaders to protect the U.S. Dollar
August 8, 2011:From AAA to AA: Down the slippery slope
August 1, 2011:Compromise: The art of politics
July 25, 2011:Growing up diverse: Whatís in a name?
July 18, 2011:Political theater: Budget cuts vs. debt ceiling
July 11, 2011:Super smart-carts vs. the human touch
July 4, 2011:The Water Wars of the 21st Century
June 27, 2011:Is it time for compulsory national service?
June 20, 2011:Dilemma: Point with pride or view with alarm?
June 13, 2011:Aggression and the lack of defensible borders
June 6, 2011:Shopping decisions: Left vs. Right
May 30, 2011:National defense: The coming cuts
May 23, 2011:Obama Plan: Throw Israel under the bus
May 16, 2011:What if: The way things might have been
May 9, 2011:The Raid: Strategic and political implications
May 2, 2011:Mr. Obama: Tear down this...mystery!
April 25, 2011:Vital interests and sound military decisions
April 18, 2011:Cultures rise and fall: Geo-political game-changer
April 11, 2011:The best CHICOM Navy our money can buy
April 4, 2011:Checkmate Iran with a Cold War concept
March 28, 2011:Facing reality: The war in Libya
March 21, 2011:Libya: Another coalition, another war
March 14, 2011:Nuclear disaster: Okay to shoot your neighbor?
March 7, 2011:Trade unionism: Defying the voters
February 28, 2011:Failure to Learn: Bonfire of the insanities
February 21, 2011:On Wisconsin: Comparing Madison and Cairo
February 14, 2011:All-electric cars: The "shocking" truth
February 7, 2011:Muslim Brotherhood: Exchanging dictatorships
January 31, 2011:Egypt: Itís the Suez Canal, stupid!
January 24, 2011:Are our best officers leaving? If so, why?
January 17, 2011:The path to power: Demonize and Criminalize
January 10, 2011:Reading the Constitution: Some were not happy
January 3, 2011:Not Mussolini’s auto: But it is rule-by-fiat
December 27, 2010:A three-gender military: Maybe so, maybe not
December 20, 2010:Christmas: A time for remembering
December 13, 2010:Iran: Public enemy number one
December 6, 2010:WikiLeaks: Harm or help?
November 29, 2010:Group Four: Youíve been profiled!
November 22, 2010:Debt diet: Heroes, jerks and charlatans?
November 15, 2010:The economy: Stock up on wheelbarrows?
November 8, 2010:Election 2010: The GOP gets a second chance
November 1, 2010:The mid-term exam: ObamaCare flunked
October 25, 2010:The Ministry of Truth: National Public Radio
October 18, 2010:Going negative: Why do they do it?
October 11, 2010:Restoring America: It isnít over until...
October 4, 2010:Geo-politics: DienBienPhu, Yorktown & Afghanistan
September 27, 2010:Dead: The man who would be Soviet President
September 20, 2010:Election 2010: Will "conservative" trump
September 13, 2010:Iraq: The speech that should have been
September 6, 2010:Air travel: Dress for survival
August 30, 2010:Muslim Victory Mosque: GLOAT vs. RESPECT
August 23, 2010:Government spending: Stimulus or bribe?
August 16, 2010:Obama meltdown and the Ground Zero mosque
August 9, 2010:Pessimistic & powerless: Will America boil over?
August 2, 2010:Campaign politics: Playing Hardball
July 26, 2010:Voter turn-out: Ruling Class or Country Class?
July 19, 2010:Obama and the Tale of the Trojan Horse
July 12, 2010:Immigration: President Reaganís great mistake
July 5, 2010:November, 2010: The next American Revolution?
June 28, 2010:General McChrystal and the Battle of Hastings
June 21, 2010:Turkey: Between Red China and the deep Black Sea
June 14, 2010:The blood supply: Science versus politics
June 7, 2010:Gaza flotilla: A lesson learned
May 31, 2010:Legislate in haste: Repent in sorrow?
May 24, 2010:Mexico, 2010: The Obama Telegram
May 17, 2010:Border Wars: Archbishop Chaput speaks truth
May 10, 2010:Immigration: Law of Unintended Incompetence
May 3, 2010:Arizona: More economics than race
April 26, 2010:America: The beacon of hope and freedom
April 19, 2010:Econ 101: Nothing happens until a sale is made
April 12, 2010:The Supremes and the Obama Regime
April 5, 2010:For troops and CIA, the fog of war gets foggier
March 29, 2010:ObamaCare: Do we really need it?
March 22, 2010:Predators and Reapers: Saving troops from harm
March 15, 2010:Political Science 101: Three-percent plus one
March 8, 2010:Combat air assault: A Vietnam memoir
March 1, 2010:News flash: Mossad blamed for global warming
February 22, 2010:A killing in Dubai: The obvious may not be real
February 15, 2010:Political blood sport: Anonymous sources
February 8, 2010:Campaign promises & the War on Common Sense
February 1, 2010:From the UK: To see ourselves as others see us
January 25, 2009:After one year: Heck of a job, Mr. O!
January 18, 2010:Have a Happy New(s) Year!
January 11, 2010:Stimulus packages: Why don’t they work?
January 4, 2010:Airline security: The system worked: For al-Qaeda
December 28, 2009:Is ObamaCare the path to permanent power?
December 21, 2009:Remembering: A Vietnam Christmas
December 14, 2009:Behavior for Dummies 101
December 7, 2009:Afghanistan: Live or die with Hamid Karzai
November 30, 2009:Climategate: The books were cooked!
November 23, 2009:Civil trial: Intended or unintended consequences?
November 16, 2009:Afghanistan: Gumming the bullet
November 9, 2009:Ft. Hood: Murdered by Political Correctness
November 2, 2009:Gullible Gulliver goes to Copenhagen
October 26, 2009:The Constitution: Is it lost in history?
October 19, 2009:Hormuz and Malacca: Dire straits?
October 12, 2009:From Oslo with love: An Albatross?
October 5, 2009:Behind the Camel Curtain: What went wrong
September 28, 2009:Mr. Obama: Merely ignorant or deliberately cruel?
September 21, 2009:Mr. Obama: "You prevaricate!"
September 14, 2009:American exceptionalism: Itís geography, stupid.
September 7, 2009:ObamaCare: Find cure for Fuss-im-Mund disease
August 31, 2009:Wanted: A few rough men
August 24, 2009:Health choices: Will Big Brother get to decide?
August 17, 2009:ObamaCare: Is the magic wearing off?
August 10, 2009:Stimulate the economy: Cash-for-Everything
August 3, 2009:CARS: Test drive the 2009 Fiasco!
July 27, 2009:KevorkianCare: Hemlock for seniors
July 20, 2009:Grand Opera: A Farewell to the Pordenone Arms
July 13, 2009:Is Vladimir Putin a strategist extraordinaire?
July 6, 2009:Liberals: You canít hide your ride
June 29, 2009:Don’t spy for me, Argentina
June 22, 2009:The panics of 1907 and 2007: Common Factors
June 15, 2009:Blunting the Soviet advance: A victory in Iran
June 8, 2009:Out of the closet: Itís Hussein!
June 1, 2009:Pravda: America has gone Marxist
May 18, 2009:Better watch out: Here comes the bus!
May 11, 2009:Election 2012: Can the GOP come back to power?
May 4, 2009:Which is safer: Waterboarding or Snowboarding?
April 27, 2009:ObamaCare: Canadians arenít for it
April 20, 2009:Economic and political/social systems: Compared
April 13, 2009:Navy SEALs 4, pirates 0: Sea captain rescued
April 6, 2009:Scandals and ideas: The path to power?
March 30, 2009:Ministry of Truth: No enemies, warís over!
March 23, 2009:The financial fiasco: Off with their heads!
March 16, 2009:First causes: How history could be different
March 9, 2009:Change 101: How to stifle the economy
March 2, 2009:Banking nationalization: The trend accelerates
February 23, 2009:Afghanistan-Pakistan: Finding the middle way
February 16, 2009:Stimulatus porkus: The ObamaNation
February 9, 2009:Dr. Kissinger: A tour-de-force
February 2, 2009:Sustaining the lamp of freedom: 100 years from now
January 26, 2009:Club Gitmo: Still a Hobson’s choice
January 19, 2009:The partyís over: Time to work
January 12, 2009:Iran and Hamas: Manipulating the media
January 5, 2009:Still valid: The Soldier and the State
December 29, 2008:Tommy and the pirates: Jeffersonís war vs. jihad
December 22, 2008:Remembering: A Vietnam Christmas
December 15, 2008:The Big 3 and the UAW: Is it Sayonara?
December 8, 2008:From 9/11 to Mumbai: Connecting the dots
December 1, 2008:America: Are we still a nation-state?
November 24, 2008:A tribute to the retiring Brit Hume
November 17, 2008:Election 2008: Crunching the numbers
November 10, 2008:Split personality: The U.S. military
November 4, 2008:Election day: Voting against, rather than for
October 27, 2008:The security clearance: Inside the process
October 20, 2008:Election 2008: Will America go for socialism?
October 13, 2008:Mortgage meltdown: Pin the tail on the donkey
October 6, 2008:Financial bail-out: Of laws and sausages
September 29, 2008:The bail-out: A cheesy deal
September 22, 2008:Financial turmoil: This too will pass
September 15, 2008:Election outcome: Three issues and 18-percent
September 8, 2008:Campaign 2008: Legendary lives, interesting people
September 1, 2008:Freedom of the seas: Our most vital interest
August 25, 2008:2008: Sleepless in Moscow
August 18, 2008:Russia, Race and Gender: Could Hillary still win?
August 11, 2008:The Guns of August: Please, not again!
August 4, 2008:Congress: Enjoy your five-week recess
July 28, 2008:Oil, opium, and domestic energy independence
July 21, 2008:Obama: Can sing Kumbahyah. Will travel.
July 14, 2008:Memories of Tony Snow: Journalist extraordinaire
July 7, 2008:Ignoring history and doomed to repeat it
June 30, 2008:Black Gold: We are sitting on 38 billion barrels
June 23, 2008:Petition on behalf of Americaís candle-makers
June 16, 2008:Gasoline: Two ways to drop prices
June 9, 2008:President George W. Bush: His place in history?
June 2, 2008:American conservatism: A very brief history
May 26, 2008:Gaffegate: Surely, we can have better
May 19, 2008:Whose name is being called? Or, changed?
May 12, 2008:Going negative: Does it work or boomerang?
May 5, 2008:Gas too prices too high? Look in the mirror
April 28, 2008:Guilt by association: Will it work?
April 21, 2008:Fascism: Not just for liberals or conservatives
April 14, 2008:Inspections: Are they reasonable?
April 7, 2008:NATO: Still alive and well
March 31, 2008:Warming or Cooling? Take your pick
March 24, 2008:The Supremes: 2d Amendment and home defense
March 17, 2008:New York: Now, Justice is actually blind
March 10, 2008:Denver: The Goons of August
March 3, 2008:Abe’s checklist: 1. Free slaves. 2. Tap lines
February 25, 2008:Politics: The calorie-laden lady has yet to sing
February 18, 2008:Denver in August: Brace for a shootout
February 11, 2008:Stimson & Truman: Still shaping history?
February 4, 2008:Letís talk Turkey
January 28, 2008:Aviation education: From doodles to dollars
January 21, 2008:Caucus: The Algonquian Revenge?
January 14, 2008:Change: Can the next generation achieve it?
January 7, 2008:Public diplomacy: Too hard or too soft?
December 31, 2007:Bhuttoís assassination: A deal killer
December 24, 2007:Airline delays: A self-inflicted problem
December 17, 2007:Iranian nukes: Phony estimate or palace coup?
December 10, 2007:JFK and Romney: Pinheads and the angel count
December 3, 2007:Radical Islam: The Hydra-headed monster
November 26, 2007:Pakistan: An old concept with a strange twist
November 19, 2007:Too warm or too cold: Which is worse?
November 12, 2007:Pakistan: The story behind the story
November 5, 2007:How to beat the U.S. Postal System, sort of
October 29, 2007:Tales from the German Woods
October 22, 2007:Munich: Will we ever learn?
October 15, 2007:Milk-bottle Bomb: Will it awaken a sleeping U.S.?
October 8, 2007:Rural/Mountain America: The VLJs are coming
October 1, 2007:Air Defense: Clueless in Iran and Syria
September 24, 2007:The New England Patriot Act
September 17, 2007:Our Gulliverís Travels in the 21st Century
September 10, 2007:Seriously, can we wage war during peace and win?
September 3, 2007:Had enough flight delays? There is a solution.
August 27, 2007:Iraq: Do we have the courage to continue?
August 20, 2007:Oh, what a remarkable morning!
August 13, 2007:Middle East Poker: Can the Texan hold ’em?
August 6, 2007:Aviation Funding: GA takes "high" road
July 30, 2007:Iran and the Democrats: The folks to watch
July 23, 2007:Disband the CIA: Start all over
July 16, 2007:Why phone banking is dead, or should be
July 9, 2007:No crime, no time: But will true Justice prevail?
July 2, 2007:George W. Bush: Failing upward
June 25, 2007:Washingtonís Crazies & Wimps: Both are worse
June 18, 2007:Reagan and Thatcher: The Dynamic Duo
June 11, 2007:War during Peace: The Paradox of VN and WWIV
June 4, 2007:Environmentalism: Itís easy being Green
May 28, 2007:Immigration: The Kennedy-McCain Fantasy
May 21, 2007:Did I shave off all my body hair just for this?
May 14, 2007:Man v. technology: Seeking the ultimate balance
May 7, 2007:Dark Victory: But victory just the same
April 30, 2007:Osama bin Laden: Does he have a point?
April 23, 2007:Virginia Tech: No deportation and no deterrence
April 16, 2007:Two Wars: Can we win both, or even one?
April 9, 2007:Micro-management: The curse of military command
April 2, 2007:Congress: Snatching defeat from victory?
March 26, 2007:Ostracism: Should we cast our ostraka?
March 19, 2007:Tip for Lefties: NRA stickers could save your life
March 12, 2007:Uncle Sam needs you to...ah...reproduce!
March 5, 2007:Aviation user fees: A question of fairness
February 26, 2007:Special brain cells help language learners
February 19, 2007:Whatever Nancy wants, Nancy gets?
February 12, 2007:Is a new Contract With America the path to power?
February 5, 2007:Iraq: Secure the oil. We win. They lose.
January 29, 2007:Cliches: How to avoid them like the plague
January 22, 2007:Mexico and America: Guilty of Peonage
January 15, 2007:Iraq: Why there is no there there
January 8, 2007:Shoot and scoot: An alternative to surge and purge
January 1, 2007:How the election of 1976 changed the Middle East
December 25, 2006:Truth in campaigning: Is it too big an idea?
December 18, 2006:Red China and Ukraine: Science serving greed
December 11, 2006:The "other" Iraq Submission Group Report
December 4, 2006:The Holidays: What public officials should know
November 27, 2006:Cognitive Dissonance: Guns versus Butter
November 20, 2006:Support the troops: Now, more than ever
November 13, 2006:GOP: The gang that wouldn’t shoot straight
November 6, 2006:Senator Kerry: Open mouth, smart-bomb foot
October 30, 2006:Who created Iraq and why
October 23, 2006:Iraq: Can we play all ends vs. the middle?
October 16, 2006:Preemption: Why some find it difficult
October 9, 2006:October: The month of political surprises
October 2, 2006:Oil: Vital interests make strange bedfellows
September 25, 2006:Iraq: How geography favors Coalition Forces
September 18, 2006:No, you canít go back to Constantinople
September 11, 2006:The path to, yet another, 9/11
September 4, 2006:No foul, no harm: Plame Game should end
August 28, 2006:What will it take before we "get it"?
August 21, 2006:The Hareem: Is it the cause of Islamic fascism?
August 14, 2006:Jihad: Why we are to blame for being attacked
August 7, 2006:Lebanon: Troubled history, hate-filled present
July 31, 2006:Israel: Defeat Hezbollah or learn to live in caves
July 24, 2006:Whoís insane now: Hezbollah or Israel?
July 17, 2006:Robert Novak: Trying to explain the inexplicable
July 10, 2006:The heart of darkness: North Korea at night
July 3, 2006:Through the Looking Glass: Wrongly
June 26, 2006:Infiltration/Abdication/Fornication/Reunification
June 19, 2006:Iraq: Winning war, losing in Sinistra Media
June 12, 2006:Kicking the "Yes, But Syndrome"
June 5, 2006:Iraq: A turning point in world history?
May 29, 2006:Immigration policy: Framing the debate
May 22, 2006:The Nov. elections: Will the GOP base turn out?
May 15, 2006:Our three major challenges, and how to fix them
May 8, 2006:Intelligence shake-up: The story behind the story
May 1, 2006:Tony Snow: Irreverent recollections of a patriot
April 24, 2006:Rumsfeld under attack: The back story
April 17, 2006:Of smart mullahs and dumb GOP leadership
April 10, 2006:Without effective control, there goes the border
April 3, 2006:The Immigration battle: Who will win?
March 27, 2006:The interesting odyssey of George W. Bush
March 20, 2006:Ports Deal: At least more Americans pay attention
March 13, 2006:Nuke weapons: Iranís ticket to Islamic leadership
March 6, 2006:The Koran: The History Channel needs salt
February 27, 2006:Land, sea and air security upgrades needed
February 20, 2006:Washington Huskies reject Duty-Honor-Country
February 13, 2006:President Carter, Radical Islam and France
February 6, 2006:Energy independence and the War on Terror
January 30, 2006:Roadmap to Peace: Tattered, but still intact
January 23, 2006:Thirteen Steps to Win the War on Terror
January 16, 2006:War on Terror: Two books, two contrasting views
January 9, 2006:Is our Constitution a suicide pact?
January 2, 2006:The Fear Factor and International Relations
December 26, 2005:NSA eavesdrops on Osama and Abdul...
December 19, 2005:Iraq: Will we prevail or "cut and run?"
December 12, 2005:The Peoplesí Heat & Light Company wins again
December 5, 2005:Iraq: Who wins, who loses?
November 28, 2005:Cut and run? Renowned strategist says: No!
November 21, 2005:Secret message from Abu Musab al-Zarqawi
November 14, 2005:Is Paris Burning? You bet your Chablis and Brie
November 7, 2005:General Aviation: On threshold of a new dawn
October 31, 2005:Wilsons scam White House: Libby pays the price
October 24, 2005:The Plame Game: Why is it being played?
October 17, 2005:Total Immersion: Maintaining our heritage
October 10, 2005:True environmentalists vs. the enviro-nuts
October 3, 2005:Should Ward Churchill protest Christmas & Easter?
September 26, 2005:Moaning about gas prices? No phone, no moan
September 19, 2005:Hurricane Katrinaís winners and losers
September 12, 2005:Katrina: She raised some serious questions
September 5, 2005:Learning the lessons of Hurricane Katrina
August 29, 2005:Americans: We still donít get it
August 22, 2005:From Philistines to Palestinians: Rest of Story
August 15, 2005:Operation Able Danger: the smoking gun of 9/11
August 8, 2005:The Sinistra Media
August 1, 2005:American Hiroshima: Can it be deterred?
July 25, 2005:General W.C. Westmoreland: Fine man, great soldier
July 18, 2005:The Nominees: The Battle over Natural Law
July 11, 2005:How the French turned Left, and we went Right
July 4, 2005:US Supremes: Kiss your land goodbye
June 27, 2005:War on Terror: We could use some good ideas
June 20, 2005:DORK: White House Plan for the Gíitmo Detainees
June 13, 2005:Watergate burglaries: The rest of the story?
June 6, 2005:Nixon and Felt: the star-crossed haters
May 30, 2005:Stem cells, 14 Dwarfs and Amb. Clint Eastwood?
May 23, 2005:The U.S. Constitution: Itís time to read it!
May 16, 2005:Murder here, run for Mexico and be safe
May 9, 2005:Deny the obvious by moving the goal posts
May 2, 2005:The House Ethics Committee: The back story
April 25, 2005:Mexico: Our almost 51st State
April 18, 2005:Representative Democracy: Can it be restored?
April 11, 2005:The Pope, the Prince and our desire for Order
April 4, 2005:Pope John Paul II and the collapse of communism
March 28, 2005:Murder on the judicial installment plan
March 21, 2005:The Phantom of the Social Security Trust Fund
March 14, 2005:American Foreign Policy: Saving Europe once again?
March 7, 2005:Some news, and some not so new news
February 28, 2005:The Bush Doctrine: a different kind of tsunami
February 21, 2005:Social Security Reform: Feared by liberal groups
February 14, 2005:Professor Ward Churchill: A boon for conservatives
February 7, 2005:Social Security reform: Just the tip of iceberg
January 31, 2005:Indonesia: Help us, but you canít train here
January 24, 2005:The Iraqi election: Letís be fair and balanced
January 17, 2005:See-BS: the anatomy of an attack
January 10, 2005:America: Getting there first with the most
January 3, 2005:Malaysian Memories
December 27, 2004:Whatís behind the attacks on Christmas?
December 20, 2004:Looking Beyond 2005
December 13, 2004:Bernie, you would have been fun to watch
December 6, 2004:Bush II: Off to a solid start
November 29, 2004:Al Zarqawi says he’s in a world of hurt
November 22, 2004:No more Pearl Harbors ... and 9/11s?
November 15, 2004:Post-election Odds and Ends
November 8, 2004:Election 2004: Winners and losers
November 1, 2004:October Surprises: Some work, some do not
October 25, 2004:Why the mejor media list so heavily to Port
October 18, 2004:Winning the War on Terror: Sooner or Later?
October 11, 2004:John Kerry’s War on Error
October 4, 2004:Why we are winning the War on Terror
September 27, 2004:Dan Rather and The Allegory of the Cave
September 20, 2004:Are we winning yet?
September 13, 2004:Has Clinton assigned Kerry an impossible task?
September 6, 2004:Winning the war that dare not speak its name
August 30, 2004:Can anyone up there explain this?
August 23, 2004:The Rumsfeld Plan makes strategic sense
August 16, 2004:Some Cajun advice for John Kerry
August 9, 2004:The Namier Effect: Does it operate today?
August 2, 2004:Kerry: PT-109-type hero or conduct unbecoming?
July 26, 2004:Loss of civility: Our Achilles heel?
July 19, 2004:The Swift Boat veterans want to be heard
July 12, 2004:Do crime, do time
July 5, 2004:June, 2004: A month to remember
June 28, 2004:The Vietnam War: At last, the truth
June 21, 2004:Up the Wall
June 14, 2004:Reagan: Strategy of the Indirect Approach
June 7, 2004:Ronald Reagan: The man we never knew
May 31, 2004:The importance of being there
May 24, 2004:Marry, marry quite contrary to traditional values
May 17, 2004:The World War III death toll nears 10,000
May 10, 2004:Whatís behind the Vietnam medal controversy?
May 3, 2004:Iraq: Use The Bush Doctrine to correct the past
April 26, 2004:WMD: Words of Many Democrats
April 19, 2004:Found: the 9/11 smoking information firewall
April 12, 2004:Deliver us from Frank Church and Jimmy Carter
April 5, 2004:An Open Letter to the "Old Europe."
March 29, 2004:The 9/11 Hearings: What have we learned?
March 22, 2004:The rain of pain fell mainly on the trains
March 15, 2004:John Kerry: war hero or phony opportunist?
March 8, 2004:"The Passion of the Christ"
March 1, 2004:The Pig Fat Deterrent: Whose idea was that?
February 23, 2004:What Saddam believed, and why we believed it
February 16, 2004:Saddam Hussein’s Oil-for-UN Votes Program
February 9, 2004:Can J.F. Kerry win the support of Vietnam Vets?
February 2, 2004:Vietnam: The glass house of John F. Kerry
January 26, 2004:Immigration: converting illegals to legals
January 19, 2004:Why some Arab leaders believe what they believe
January 12, 2004:Only you can prevent .... stupidity
January 5, 2004:Instead of politics: How about some good ideas?
December 29, 2003:Iraq: A Marine Commander’s Christmas Message
December 22, 2003:Saddam’s capture: A major step forward
December 15, 2003:Who really "outed" Jane Bond?
December 14, 2003:Stop the presses: Saddam captured
December 8, 2003:How to Destroy America
December 1, 2003:Under Attack: By the Cult of Envy and Hatred
November 24, 2003:Catching killers and Democracy: Both take time
November 17, 2003:The Phenomenon of "First News"
November 10, 2003:The Freedom Virus: Bush’s 9/11 Counterattack
November 3, 2003:Itís the tax cuts, stupid!
October 27, 2003:Are we a nation "Under God," or not?
October 20, 2003:The War on Terror: No waterís edge
October 13, 2003:When will we ever learn?
October 6, 2003:Behind, the "leak," an educated guess
September 29, 2003:Our Finest Hour
September 22, 2003:How appointed judges came to rule America
September 15, 2003:Election 2004: Can the Dems have it both ways?
September 8, 2003:Without victory, no lasting peace
November 1, 2003:The Ten Commandments and the Culture War
August 25, 2003:After the revolution: thereís still hope
August 18, 2003:The Culture War: the battles continue
August 11, 2003:History tells us: Give Columbus a break
August 4, 2003:From Mecca to Baghdad, the war never stops
July 28, 2003:Funding competition reduces intelligence sharing
July 21, 2003:Iraq: Whatís really happening over there
July 14, 2003:Iraq: better intel and fairer perspective needed
July 7, 2003:Health care: dietary supplements vs. the knife
June 30, 2003:Reflections on American and Iraqi Independence
June 23, 2003:The Death of France
June 16, 2003:The Wars of the 21st Century
June 9, 2003:Martha Stewart Serving?
June 2, 2003:M. Frederic Bastiat petitions the French govt.
May 26, 2003:Frustration: a major cause for their hatred
May 19, 2003:The Seven Characteristics of Loser Nations
May 12, 2003:Shaping the military of the future
May 5, 2003:The "Should Eat Crow But Wonít Awards"
April 28, 2003:The Patriotís Shopping Guide
April 21, 2003:Without spin: what to do with Iraqi oil
April 14, 2003:Iraqi Freedom: winners, losers and a lesson
April 7, 2003:Iraq: the shots heard around the world
March 31, 2003:September 11th: the day that ripped off the scabs
March 24, 2003:France: putting profit before principle
March 17, 2003:Gulf War II: what lies ahead
March 10, 2003:President Bush, "Letís see their cards."
March 3, 2003:War against Saddam: Now, it is inevitable
February 24, 2003:The French Military: An unfair joke?
February 17, 2003:Simple problems, difficult solutions
February 10, 2003:The Hollywood Leftís Hypocritical Oath
February 3, 2003:The Axis of Weasels
January 27, 2003:Trying to decipher the dialogue of the deaf
January 20, 2003:The ironic impact of the anti-war movement
January 13, 2003:Crystal balling the months again
January 6, 2003:Beginning 2003 with Taxes, Iraq and North Korea
December 30, 2002:Iraq vs. N. Korea: a Hobsonís Choice
December 23, 2002:The Three Militant Faces of Islam, plus Murray
December 16, 2002:The Hollywood Left: the usual suspects are whining
December 9, 2002:Next year: Facing the test that is to come
December 2, 2002:Missiles vs. airliners: a serious threat
November 25, 2002:So much history in so little time
November 18, 2002:Diplomacy backed by force: a winning combination
November 11, 2002:Splinter Parties: Losing the entire loaf
November 4, 2002:The new Coors Ads: sleazy, not pure
October 28, 2002:Total Immersion vs. Bi-lingual Education.
October 21, 2002:The Posse Comitatus Act should be obeyed
October 14, 2002:October brings out keepers of odd knowledge KOOKS
October 7, 2002:Where have all the Commies gone?
September 30, 2002:The Parable of the Gracious Homeowner
September 23, 2002:The Middle East: Destabilization anyone?
September 16, 2002:The Saddam cancer: will we remove it in time?
September 9, 2002:The Day I Learned the Meaning of Freedom
September 2, 2002:Denver: Byersí Folly
August 26, 2002:Baseball strike: who cares?
August 19, 2002:Mesopotamia: where it all began. And, ends?
August 12, 2002:Of corporate cheats and pedophile priests
August 5, 2002:Ten Pet Peeves
July 29, 2002:Forest fires are bad, bad, bad. Period
July 22, 2002:Airline security: dress for easy access
July 15, 2002:The tyranny of one
July 8, 2002:The New(dow) World Order
July 1, 2002:One forest fire is more than enough
June 24, 2002:In Memoriam: His Finest Hour
June 17, 2002:Keeping up via satellite and Internet
June 10, 2002:Fight back or be shot down?
June 3, 2002:How and why the dots don’t get connected
May 27, 2002:River no more, and no wonder
May 20, 2002:The Phoenix Memo: Trouble for Whom?
May 13, 2002:A visit to Ground Zero
May 6, 2002:The Power of Ninety-Four
April 29, 2002:Getting to the truth through fiction
April 22, 2002:Remembering General Moshe Dayan
April 15, 2002:Middle East: Mistakes were made
April 8, 2002:The Holy Land: Who was there first?
April 1, 2002:Mr. Arafat: Better check six
March 25, 2002:Are you ready for some straight talk?
March 18, 2002:Israel: Peace through Victory
March 11, 2002:Why the Daschle Doctrine is Wrong
March 4, 2002:Western Civilization: some hard truths
February 25, 2002:The Olympic Movement: Signs of Hope
February 18, 2002:Ethnic profiling: bad and good
February 11, 2002:Roundabouts: Did we lose those two World Wars?
February 4, 2002:Our better selves
January 28, 2002:A viewerís guide to the trial of Jihad Johnny
January 21, 2002:Detainees: warm ocean breezes, but no rum
January 14, 2002:Terrorist profiling vs. racial profiling
January 7, 2002:The Daschle Political Stimulus Plan
December 31, 2001:Airline security: no place for amateurs
December 24, 2001:Air Travel: dress for survival
December 17, 2001:Mr. Arafat, take the camel and ride
December 10, 2001:Bin Laden on videotape: admissible in court?
December 3, 2001:The United States vs. Osama bin Laden, et al
November 26, 2001:Living with hearing loss
November 19, 2001:Of Virgins and other interesting things
November 12, 2001:The Taliban regime and its treatment of women
November 5, 2001:What are you going to do?
October 29, 2001:The current collapse of the American Left
October 22, 2001:Anthrax: who is behind these attacks?
October 15, 2001:Pacifism: both wrong and immoral
October 8, 2001:Strange war: box knives vs. cruise missiles
October 1, 2001:Western civilization: multiple attacks
September 24, 2001:The New Golden Age of General Aviation
September 17, 2001:When will we ever learn?
September 10, 2001:Adventure Training: winning friends, saving taxes
September 3, 2001:The Forest Cutting Commisson (FCC)
August 27, 2001:The Heroes (?) of Heidelberg
August 20, 2001:Economic and Social Darwinism take a new form
August 13, 2001:Out of the Dark Ages...maybe
August 6, 2001:Confessions of a Spy
July 30, 2001:The Brady Check needs a reality check
July 23, 2001:This way and that way
July 16, 2001:Reinventing the publishing industry
July 9, 2001:From Democrat to right-wing conservative
July 2, 2001:Bush-Putin: the next Reagan-Gorbachev duo?
June 25, 2001:Baroness Thatcher: Royal pain or uncommon leader?
June 18, 2001:California tries to shift the blame
June 11, 2001:"What is happening to America?"
June 4, 2001:Book signing: a first-time experience
May 28, 2001:Rural health care and public policy
May 21, 2001:The Leftover Left and Big Labor
May 14, 2001:The Case for Freedom and Capitalism
May 7, 2001:Just another night/day operation
April 30, 2001:Thanh Phong: Massacre or firefight?
April 23, 2001:Ski industry bon voyage?
April 16, 2001:Red China: Headed the wrong way?
April 9, 2001:Power shortage: Blame Oklahoma and Texas?
April 2, 2001:Stop me, before I fund-raise again!
March 26, 2001:Toward the military of the future
March 19, 2001:The problem with bullies
March 12, 2001:The skyís not the limit
March 5, 2001:Round up the usual suspects
February 26, 2001:Do as I say, not as I do
February 19, 2001:Of death and taxes and entertainment
February 12, 2001:Thereís a "SATS" in your future
February 5, 2001:Ronald Reagan In His Own Hand
January 29, 2000:On the road to Jericho
January 22, 2001:A tawdry end to a tawdry tale
January 15, 2001:Modern journalism: the distorted mirror
January 8, 2001:Communism: still our greatest threat
January 1, 2001:The Electoral College: striving for balance
December 25, 2000:Election 2000: Reforms are needed
December 18, 2000:Shofar, so good
December 11, 2000:Of death and taxes
December 4, 2000:Vietnam: Who Lied? Whoís covering up?
November 27, 2000:Calorie-laden lady may sing for Florida salons
November 20, 2000:Scare tactics: effective, but expensive
November 13, 2000:Democracy: messy, but peaceful
November 6, 2000:The Seinfeld Presidency
October 30, 2000:Government: some lessons learned
October 23, 2000:Camp David: a shotgun wedding gone wrong
October 16, 2000:Cast the first votes of the 21st Century!
October 9, 2000:Columbus Day: Pass the pizza
October 2, 2000:Al Gore: Imagining the past
September 25, 2000:Vietnam: Who served? Who fought?
September 18, 2000:Looking ahead: some pre-election crises
September 11, 2000:If it sounds too good, check it out
September 4, 2000:A Tale of Two Wars
August 28, 2000:Learning English: An affordable method that works
August 21, 2000:Vietnam: Why men fought so well
August 14, 2000:Wily Coyote for President?
August 7, 2000:It’s that time of year again
July 31, 2000:Stand up, stand up for something
July 24, 2000:What a country!
July 17, 2000:How to deal with Generation X
July 10, 2000:Revisiting the bad old days
July 3, 2000:Longing for the Old World Order
June 26, 2000:The Kennedy Crash: Facing the Facts
June 19, 2000:Hercule Poirot: we need your little gray cells
June 12, 2000:Barbershop: the uniquely American sound of music
June 5, 2000:Getting tough on Tofu
May 29, 2000:Odd facts to ponder
May 22, 2000:How to prevent most forest fires
May 15, 2000:Castroís 12 Victories
May 8, 2000:You were a great dog, Snoopy Beagle
May 1, 2000:Back to basics
April 24, 2000:Elian: a victim of legacy
April 17, 2000:Fidel Castro: The Maestro of Spin
April 10, 2000:The Gonzalez Case: Something Smells
April 3, 2000:Once upon a time...
March 27, 2000:That dog-gone U.S. Census
March 20, 2000:Gun laws: why so little federal enforcement?
March 13, 2000:Campaign 2000: fasten your seat belts
March 6, 2000:Emilyís big journey
February 28, 2000:The McCain Mutiny
February 21, 2000:Politics: A true "third" party?
February 14, 2000:From home-study to commander-in-chief
February 7, 2000:Primary Signals
January 31, 2000:The "perfect" health plan
January 24, 2000:Looking behind the "fog of war."
January 17, 2000:Let freedom ring!
January 10, 2000:The coming of the true millennium
January 3, 2000:A voyage to remember
December 27, 1999:The beginning of a beautiful Century
December 20, 1999:In search of history
December 13, 1999:Resolving some 20th Century Problems
December 6, 1999:A tribute to the American G.I.
November 29, 1999:As the millennium turns...
November 22, 1999:How to reform the United Nations
November 15, 1999:The courts: let no good software go unpunished
November 8, 1999:George W. Bush: crusader or martyr?
November 1, 1999:"Fifty" years of skiing joy
October 25, 1999:Personal responsibility: Kudos to Carnival Corp.
October 18, 1999:The Nuclear Test Ban Folly
October 11, 1999:"Tipper," letís at least be factual
October 4, 1999:Travel is broadening
September 27, 1999:North to Alaska -- and back
September 20, 1999:Hercules: who and where are you?
September 13, 1999:Things to do in the mountains
September 6, 1999:Abortion: the latest crime-fighting weapon?
August 30, 1999:Planet Earth vs. Cyperspace
August 23, 1999:A Farewell to American Shipping
August 16, 1999:Do we still need the Imperial Presidency?
August 9, 1999:Summer: the mother of inventions
August 2, 1999:Longing for some good news?
July 26, 1999:Big Brother really is watching you
July 19, 1999:Confessions of a Sheepdog soccer Dad
July 12, 1999:Keep the Anasazi politically correct, or else!
July 5, 1999:Clintonís Balkan Legacy
June 28, 1999:The Balkan Peninsula: our new responsibility
August 10, 2020:Do debates matter?
March 21, 2022:Ukraine vs. Russia: Negotiations 101
October 6, 2014:Defense: Fire U.S. citizens, replace with illegals
April 21, 2014:The stand-off: Red China in Nevada?
September 2, 2013:Security breach: Some budgets tell all
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