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CENTRAL VIEW for Monday, November 30, 2020

by William Hamilton, Ph.D.

"Accepting an unjust system means you agree.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

When Donald J. Trump announced his run for President, we knew him not. Later, we learned of his successes on reality TV and in the golf resort and casino business.

As the campaign developed, I was struck by all the vitriol the MSM were spewing at Candidate Trump. "They" said it was because he was making outrageous statements on something called: Twitter.

Breaking a vow to never waste time learning what other people ate for breakfast or if Junior or Missy got admitted to some Ivy League school or not, I opened a Twitter account to "follow" Candidate Trump.

Candidate Trump was "tweeting" almost exactly what I would say about the political issues of the day. Plain New York City talk? Yes. Outrageous? No.

Professional politicians rarely keep campaign promises. So, how could a political novice jump-start the U.S. economy, bring jobs and capital back from overseas, and rescue Americaís shrinking Middle Class? Especially, with the elite Establishment opposed to his "Make America Great Again" agenda.

Checking the actual content of his Tweets against what the MSM said he tweeted, I learned the MSM were expert at taking Candidate Trumpís Tweets out of context. In fact, making up things that he never tweeted in the first place.

After being so misquoted and demonized, Candidate Trump fired back with both barrels, calling the MSM "fake news." Maybe a tad more gunpowder than I would have used. But vintage Donald J. Trump.

Despite the hostile MSM, being censored by Big Tech, and the Chinese virus pandemic, by election eve on November 3, 2020, President Trumpís supporters could sense victory in the air. On Fox News, viewers saw huge crowds attending President Trumpís non-stop rallies, saw the hundreds of motorcycle and truck rallies, and saw thousands of boats in Trump Flotillas.

By contrast, Joe Biden remained in his basement. On the handful of occasions Biden ventured out in public, only a few people showed up. It was painful to watch a frail candidate clearly in cognitive decline, seeking the worldís most demanding job. Looked like President Trump would win in a landslide.

By the end of Election Day, President Trump was overwhelmingly reelected. Moreover, his party stomped the Democrats in the down-ballot elections, picking up as many as 13 seats in the House. He carried 18 of the 19 "bellwether" counties* which, in previous elections, always predicted the winner. President Trump received 10 million more votes from minorities than Barrack Obama ever did. Surely, Joe Biden could not have possibly won unless the election had been, well... stolen!

A post-election Rasmussen poll asked: Was the presidential election stolen from President Trump? Predictably, 76-percent of Republican voters said, "Yes!" Amazingly, 30-percent of Biden voters said: "Yes," as well.

The Media Research Center showed 1,750 Biden voters eight news stories about the Biden family. Stories that were spiked by the MSM and Big Tech. Seventeen percent of the Biden voters surveyed said they would not have voted for Biden had they known at least one of the stories.

Obviously, in the minds of many, a grave injustice has been done. The question is: Will justice prevail? Right now, it is too soon to tell.

Added news: More than two-thirds of the nation says it is fair for President Donald Trump to ask for a recount in key states, according to a new Newsmax/McLaughlin & Associates poll released Thursday.

Sixty-seven percent of likely voters backed Trumpís recounts where the vote margins in his race with Joe Biden were 1% or closer, which applies to states like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Arizona.

(©) 2020 William Hamilton.

*Suggested reading: The Future of American Politics by Dr. Samuel Lubell (1952).

©1999-2023. American Press Syndicate.

Dr. Hamilton can be contacted at:
P.O. Box 2001
Granby, CO 80446


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